JJP Independent Commercial Business Advisors LLC

Find the right banking solutions.

Our goal is to help business owners ensure they have the right financial institution coupled with the proper products and services to suit their needs and improve their financial situation. JJP Independent Commercial Business Advisors LLC is here to offer unbiased advice and help you find the best banking solutions to compete and grow your business.

We'll customize a plan to suit your needs.

We'll perform a review and detailed analysis of your business's current banking relationship(s) to determine if you have the most appropriate products, services, and credit facilities to suit your company's current and future needs. If we determine that your current setup isn't optimized for your needs and will not be possible with your current bank, we will research and recommend other institutions in the market. We will identify banking candidate(s) with better options for your unique needs. (You are not obligated to choose or do business with the recommended institutions.)

Our fee structure

Your initial in-person, on-site consultation, up to one hour is complimentary and absolutely free. This will provide you and me the ability to determine if you and your company can benefit from our services. Generally, fees begin at $150.00 per hour and will vary with the nature, complexity, involvement, and degree of difficulty associated with each project, as well as the desired and mutually, agreed-upon outcome.

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Our process

JJP Independent Commercial Business Advisors LLC is driven by relationship-building, exceptional service, client commitment, and consistent "follow-through." 

Here's how our process works

Step 1: Consultation

Schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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Step 2: Complete the questionnaire

If you decide to move forward based on the consultation, we will jointly complete an initial questionnaire to help us understand your business and its banking needs.

Step 3: Analysis

We'll study and analyze your existing banking relationship and identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

Step 4: Review and determine the next steps

You'll review the study and recommendations made by JJP. If you decide to move forward with the recommendations of the study, you'll move on to the next steps!

Step 5: Market proposals

Together, we'll review the options presented by a number of financial institutions. We'll go through the pros and cons of each to help you identify the right fit.

Step 6: Selection and implementation

Select the banking partner(s) that meets your needs. You can move forward to implement the new relationship in-house or with the continued assistance of JJP.